Don’t let a snoring partner keep you awake

Don’t lie awake anymore It’s relationship annoyance number one: a snoring partner. It drives you crazy at night. But what exactly is snoring, what causes it, and what can you do about it? Where is that sound coming from? Snoring occurs because your muscles relax when you sleep. This includes the muscles in your tongue and palate. As a result, your airway narrows when you breathe in and open your mouth. The air travelling through the narrowed airway makes the uvula, mouth, and throat vibrate, which results in snoring. This constriction can have several causes, such as the tongue and the…


Siwa is not only an oasis in the desert of western Egypt, it is also the name of CORs new sofa, which promises to be just that: a haven of peace in the middle of a hectic world – an island sofa from the Spanish design studio Altherr Désile Park. Gently curved lines blend harmoniously into an organic shape that resembles a drop of water. “Siwa is a place to be together, if you like, a room within a room with multiple functions: Here you can read, chat, work and relax,” the designers comment on their design. Available as a…

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