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Start changing the world in your own home

Start changing the world in your own home.

now! vision is an inspiring product range with a large choice for versatile designs. The shelving system and units such as the bar compartment, desk, standalone piece or sideboard are flexible and ready for change. The system allows you to create lowboards or highboards, living room combinations or multi-functional work spaces – or a mix of everything. The push-to-open technology, making now! vision handle-less and an absolute all-rounder, delivers a pure look. Available in classical lacquer and high-gloss lacquer colours with accents in petrol, teal blue and old rose plus precious core walnut and natural oak veneers. Whatever you want.

You can experiment with units and accents, create elegant classics and turn them into true individualists.

Many single units also make a great impact as part of a combination. All in all, there is a choice of 20 open and closed now! vision modular units. Additionally, there are single units and a fabulous frame system, which can even accommodate a desk unit. In terms of looks, now! vision will certainly match your ideas – it is available in eight different front finishes plus three accent colours.

Three heights, three shelf widths and space for whatever you like in between. Choose a frame, fitted shelves and closed units to create your individually designed white lacquer unit. Whether a generous bookshelf or minimalist bureau – the frame system ensures a light and airy architecture. The combination with your now! vision highboard or lowboard provides a continuous scheme.

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