Unlimited freedom since 1973 / Design by Franz Hero and Karl Odermatt

Maximum mobility

This was the credo of the Swiss designers Franz Hero and Karl Odermatt of team Form AG when they created the original model of the upholstered furniture Trio in 1973, whose laid-back, loungy landscapes were a stark counter-design to the hard armrests and rigid backs of their time. With just three simple elements — stool, backrest, corner backrest — Trio opened up an almost endless number of variation possibilities. The quick-change artist is still doing this today, 50 years later: invariably variable.

The shape: straightforward and clear.

With tongue in cheek, one could say that the pleasant Swiss unobtrusiveness contrasted very well with the expressive double seams that separated the individual parts from each other. And of course immediately reconnected them. Because changeability is TRIO’s hallmark.

Nothing is obligatory, everything is possible: Trio can be put together just the way the owner likes it.


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