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The consummately elegant combination of style and storage space / Design by Heide & Kräling

Collect, The consummately elegant combination of style and storage space

Anyone who lives expansively and surrounded by attractive objects needs furniture that is capable of more than just looking good. For example, a wardrobe, a coat cabinet for guests, a display cabinet for tableware and a living room cabinet for all that is good and beautiful. So ideally, an all-in-one furniture system.

Tailor-made for each room – no extra cost for shortenings of width, height and depth.

Pure individuality

Collect means customization which fits every single room – without any additional costs. Because shortenings of width, height and depth are free on wardrobes. Just as width adaptations of shelves, hanging rails, corner elements, interior drawers, sheo racks and clothes lifts for the perfect utilization of the wardrobe inner space. Five different door types offer ideal solutions for small and large rooms. Optional we fit the wardrobe under sloping ceilings.

Limitless Possibilities

One Wardrobe, many possibilities. collect is the storage space concept of interlübke – universally suitable for bedrooms, living- and dining rooms, work spaces and corridors. Whether as walk-in wardrobe, wardrobe for the entrance area, room divider or display cabinet, everything is possible.

Space saver

Collect is a space saver in more ways than one: With its flexible elements and dimensions, the collect wardrobe fits wonderfully into any space. Wall panels are ideal for flexible planning and constant rearrangements. At the same time, it provides space inside, through more than 50 flexibly composable interior separations, for coats, scarves and shoes, clothes and other odds and ends.

Clever Details

The interlübke perforated rails on the interior walls of collect elements are unique. The interior fittings can be adjusted in their height at any time, without causing damage or elaborate rewiring. The matt glass surfaces of the LED-illuminated shelves ensure that light diffuses both upwards and downwards.

The illumination system guarantees an uniform, pleasant and glare-free illumination of the wardrobe interior. And is completed by the colour temperature control and dimming. The light switches on and off when the doors are opened and closed.

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